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Non-Surgical Solutions: Second Skin • Graduated Enhancement • Integration • Partial Hair Enhancement Medical Prosthesis • Wigs • Hair Extensions

Second Skin

One of our non-surgical solutions includes using a thin, silky transparent “second skin” which becomes similar to an extension of the scalp. The hair attached to this membrane is human hair of the highest quality, which appears to be growing directly from the scalp.   

Hair loss solution for:

Female pattern baldness • Alopecia areata • Severe thinning on top area of the head • Trichotillomania

Graduated Enhancement

The Graduated Enhancement Method is not one solution, but a series of several different solutions, each one dedicated to solving a particular pattern of women's hair loss. There are Graduated Enhancement hair replacements designed to supplement hair in just the crown area. There are those designed to add volume to the top of the head while maximizing the use of existing hair; a particularly good solution for women suffering from diffused hair loss. A specific Graduated Enhancement solution also exists for sufferers of hair loss in the hairline and/or anterior midscalp area. In fact, there's a Graduated Enhancement Method application for every type of women's hair loss, including total coverage solutions for women whose hair loss is caused by alopecia or medical treatments.The definition of the Graduated Enhancement Method lies in its name: it's a method of enhancing the volume of your own hair that is graduated (or increased) according to the amount of hair you need. As you might expect, Graduated Enhancement is many things given the wide variety of solutions it provides. What is common to all Graduated Enhancement Method hair replacements is that they utilize 100% human hair.Simply put, Graduated Enhancement will make you look as if you never started losing your hair. The hair color can be matched to your own, or to the shade you feel is most flattering. The styles in which your hair can be worn are almost unlimited. The texture of the hair will be indistinguishable from your own existing hair.The hair replacement itself is so light you'll never know it's there. All you'll feel is the hair you once had. 

Hair loss solution for:

Alopecia • Female pattern baldness • Lupus • TrichotillomaniaIntegration

Integration is a state-of-the-art hair enhancement system that adds any amount of fullness, length and body to your existing hair. It is feather-light, secure and completely undetectable.The integration is created by sewing strands of the finest human and/or synthetic hair--precisely matched to the color, texture and length of your own hair--onto a sheer nylon or polyester web-like cap. Using a tail-comb, your own hair is then drawn through the web to blend in with the added hair for a full even hairstyle.Hair integration is not a wig, hair piece or hair extension; nor is it a surgical attachment. With hair integration, we never hide, cut or inhibit the growth of your own hair in any way. Integrations are easy to put on, secure and versatile. Best of all, they stand up to a busy, active lifestyle and are completely undetectable.

Hair loss solution for:

Thinning • Lupus • Female pattern baldness • Alopecia AreataPartial Hair Enhancement System

We custom-design a woman's partial hair enhancement system that is easy to wear, light, anchors the hair well, is not heavy or warm, and gives a woman with thinning hair an extra ten to twenty percent of density.

The size of the partial enhancement system will vary for each woman. It is usually only four inches by five inches or smaller. The partial system is attached using comb clips and takes less than thirty seconds to put on and take off. In terms of styling it can be blended with a woman's own hair in just about any direction so she can have the style that she wants beautifully, naturally, and easily. The hair is custom blended to match the wearer, so it is always a perfect match. 

Hair loss solution for:

Thinning • Female pattern baldness • LupusMedical prosthesis

A line of full cap hair systems specifically designed for those suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition. The prosthesis is custom designed according to your specific measurements. Hair is hand tied into the base of the system. Our medical hair systems are breathable and very comfortable.

Natural Duplication

The natural duplication prosthesis is available for women about to start chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This solution allows the new hair to look as natural and as much like your real hair as it did prior to the treatment

Medical full cap Prosthesis

For women with total hair loss caused by alopecia, we recommend the M-1 Medical full cap Prosthesis. It restores a woman’s natural hair pattern and mimics the natural hair you had prior to your hair loss. It is designed to replace hair on the entire head, and gives you a natural hairline. You can wear the hair on or away from your face.

Hair loss solution for:

Alopecia Areata or Totalis • Chemotherapy • Radiation • Trichotillomania • Burns /Accidents • All Full Cap Solutions WIGS 

All of our wigs are custom made for each individual client. We do not keep wigs in stock because we know how important customizing a wig can be. To accommodate those of you who wear wigs we have a stylist experienced in wig cutting, styling and design to help you customize any human hair or synthetic wig that you may have purchased elsewhere. We want to help ensure that your wigs look great.

A cranial prosthesis or a wig is often considered a tax deductible medical expense. Contact your accountant and inquire if you hair replacement system can be deducted.

Offering exceptional hair loss solutions and various types of premium hair extensions. In a private hair replacement salon in Walnut Creek California . The lightest healthiest extensions in the world .

Hair Extensions

Offering exceptional hair loss solutions and various types of premium hair extensions. In a private hair replacement salon in Walnut Creek California . The lightest healthiest extensions avaialble.

Hair Extensions

We offer several different types of hair extensions depending on your need. The most common reasons for getting extensions are fullness, fashion or length.        

Great Lengths Hair


This method utilizes the latest technology available on the market today. It is based on a gentle principle, 'modulating'. The attachment of the hair strand to your own hair is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. A special applicator joins the strand with your hair. Easy to install and remove. Great lengths uses the highest quality hair available.

Invisible Hair


The Extension is a skin replica. An air tight, water tight seal is created allowing 5-8 weeks of attachment. “Skin” base is adhered directly to your scalp by the use of a medical grade adhesive. Your hair will continue to grow out while the grafted hair addition remains attached to your scalp. It can be re-used and brushed in any direction. This method can be used if you have "baby fine" hair.

Braided Hair


First a braid is created of your own hair and than the weft is sewn onto the braid. The number of tracks depends on what you want.

Weaved Hair


This is done by weaving your own hair around a number of threads. This way a track is created. The weft is sewn onto this track.

Clip in Hair


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